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Vuly Trampolines

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Fun Sports is offering FREE COVER with every Vuly trampoline/tent combo WHILE STOCKS LAST....

.....that's $130 of Value for FREE....bring it on....

Vuly trampolines are well recognised as a premium brand for round trampolines with enclosures in Australia. Vuly trampoline’s features are similar to the Jetjump range (e.g. fuly galvanized frame, net joins jump mat inside the springs), however the following features are worth noting:

  • Vuly’s pad material is thick = longer life
  • Prevent the material tears and caught fingers of looser mesh. Unlike many trampolines, the tight weave also protects against frame contact by attaching straight to the jump mat.
  • Enjoy your trampoline into the future, with thicker, heat-treated steel tubing that's twice zinc galvanised from top to bottom - even on the inside.

Contact us for any enquiries about a particular Vuly trampoline in Perth that we offer and we’d be more than happy to assist you.