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Assembly Tips for Pollux XT Foosball Table

Hi there!

Thanks for buying the Pollux Foosball table, you’re going to have a heap of fun with this table.  We put together a few notes to help you with the assembly of your table.

The instructions if read carefully will be enough to get you through (despite the questionable English), but we’ve found that the following pointers should help:

  1. Build the playing arena upside down, so that you can connect the legs easily once the box is built.
  2. Two pairs of hands do make it easier in some of the more tricky parts of the build, like putting the playing surface in place.
  3. Having a cordless drill to put the end panels and the side panels together will make the job a heap easier.
    Pollux Assembly End Panel
  4. You’ll need a Phillips screw driver to attach the players to the rods.
    Pollux Assembly Player 1
    Be sure to place the nut that fits in the back of the player in the hole provided before trying to put the bolt through the playing rod.  It just makes it heaps easier to do up.

    Pollux Assembly Player 2
  5. We've found that the best way to get the rubber playing rod handle grips on is to push the rod in as far as it will go (so that the players and rubber stoppers are up hard against the far side of the table) and hammer them on with a rubber mallet.
    Pollux Assembly Handle Grips
    1. Note: don't get too aggressive at this stage! You don't want to crack the far side of the table so use common sense.
  6. You're now in a position to place the end caps on the other end of the playing rods.
    Pollux Assembly End Cap
  7. Use your cordless drill to attach the ball delivery chute.
    Pollux Assembly Ball Entry attachment
  8. You're ready to crank up your new table, time for ‘kick off’!
    Pollux Assembly Ball Entry