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Large Aerobie


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Features: -Extreme Catch: The 13" Aerobie Pro Flying Ring will take any game of catch to the extreme, pushing you to add a new degree of skill, entertainment and athleticism to the contest. -Throw Faster And Further: Officially the world’s best throwing ring after being thrown a world record 406m, you too will be able to hurl the Aerobie Pro further than you ever thought possible. -Soft Touch: Designed with the catcher as well as the thrower in mind, this Aerobie throwing ring is constructed with a soft rubber edge to make catching light and easy.


Can add thrill to any outdoor game. A world-record holder for farthest throw, the rubber-edged Aerobie Pro will comfortably fly long distances so you can easily play catch with a friend 100m away, or further.

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