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Pool Tables

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Quality, Affordable Pool Tables

Taking pride of place in any man cave or games room worth its salt is the pool table. A beast of beauty, a battle-ground and a game of skill all in one, no room is complete without one. And that’s where we come in.

Be the envy of all your mates with a sturdy, top-of-the-line particle board surface pool table at a price to suit you. From modern to classic, novice to pro, our pool tables are tough and made to last. Plus, we’ve got your back with our 90-day warranty and a full range of accessories.

Premium quality at warehouse prices

At these prices, you might expect something cheap and nasty. Not even close. All of our tables are carefully crafted works of art made to stand the test of time with high-density particleboard and flat-as-a-tack surfaces. We’re so certain you’ll love your table we’re throwing in a 90-day warranty*.

Getting it home

Let’s be honest, pool tables aren’t small. Getting one from the warehouse to your front door (let alone inside) is going to take some thinking. But hey, we do this all the time, so chances are, we’ve already got a hassle-free option worked out. Thanks to years of wheeling and dealing, we’ve managed to swing some sweet deals with freight companies to get your pool table delivered safely, cheaply and quickly. Keen to find out more? Check out our freight & delivery page for the full story.


*All our pool tables are covered with a 90-day warranty against faulty workmanship. Normal wear and tear isn’t covered. To keep things simple, keep your proof of payment and stop using your table as soon as you notice a problem.