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Frequently Asked Questions

General / Storewide FAQ’s

Q: Can I visit your showroom?

A: Absolutely!  Most of our products are on display in the basement of Toyworld Fremantle, corner of Queen Victoria & parry St, Fremantle WA.  Our opening hours are:

Mon to Fri:  9:00am to 5:15pm

Sat:              9:00am to 5:00pm

Sun:             11:00am to 5:00pm

We are closd on public holidays.

Q:  Can I try the product I’m interested in before I buy?

A:  We have most of the models that we sell set up for you to bounce / play on.  In terms of table sports products, all but the 8' pool table are on display.  With respect to trampolines, we have a 9x14' Bazoongi and an 8' Vuly set up which allows you to get a good idea of the relative size between the smallest trampoline we do and the large oval ones.

Q: When can I pick up my goods?

A: It really depends on what you are buying, so here's a bit of a guide:

Trampolines - We usually have stock of all our models at the store.  Call in advance to ensure your table will be there.

Foosball tables - We usually have stock of all our models at the store.  Call in advance to ensure your table will be there.

Table tennis tables - We can arrange to have stock brought to the store for pickup, however you need to call in advance to ensure your table will be there.

Air hockey tables - as above except fo rthe largest 7' + tables.  These you need to arrange to meet us at our warehouse.

Pool tables - These you need to arrange to meet us at our warehouse.  We do not carry these at the store for pickup.

Q: Who do you use to ship my goods?

A:  For all non-bulky items under 20kg, we use TOLL Consumer Direct or sometimes Australia Post.

Bulky items to Perth metro customers are sent via freight companies on a 1 tonne ute. 

Bulky items interstate are sent via TOLL Express Road Freight.

Very large items (like 8ft pool tables) are sent via a removalist company or on a pallet via a freight company to your nearest freight depot (if it’s the latter, you may be required to arrange for your own pickup from the depot).

Q: Do I have to be home to receive my goods?

A:  Yes, or someone who can sign for your goods has to be.  If you’ve purchased a bulky product, then someone who is able to assist the driver unload will need to be present.  Deliveries can only be made within a 4 hour window, so keep this in mind when planning the delivery of your new item.  We will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Q: Do you ship goods to all states in Australia?

A:  Yep…we sell right across this great brown land of ours.


Halex Express 2pc Table Tennis Table

Q: Can the table be used for single player play-back?

A: Yes. You simply stand one piece of the table in the vertical position on its 2 wheels as if it was to be stored away, and butt it up against the other piece of table that's in the horizontal playing position. NOTE: with the H-100 table, the wheels are not flush with the end of the table hence there will be approx. 10mm gap between the horizontal and vertical playing surfaces. If this worries you, we'd recommend the EXPRESS TABLE.

Q: Is there any assembly required?

A: No! It comes flat-packed, but the legs fold out very easily and the 2 pieces simply push together and there are 2 simple locking mechanisms under the table that keep the 2 pieces in place...simple!

Q: Does it come with a Net, Bats and Balls?

A: No

Q: When can I get one delivered to my house?

A: We typically dispatch on Mondays and Wednesdays, but alternative days can be arranged depending courier availability.  Delivery typically occurs between 12:00 and 3:30pm and someone needs to be there to help the driver unload and accept the goods.


Table Tennis Table General

Q: What is the benefit of a thicker playing surface?

A:  It gives a more responsive, even bounce while reducing the hollow ‘tonk’ sound when the ball hits the table.

Q: What is the thickness of a ‘competition grade’ playing surface?

A:  25mm is generally considered a ‘comp grade’ table, but they are expensive.  We’ve had a 22mm thick table made that gives a beautiful, true bounce….we find it hard to tell the difference between that and the tables that cost nearly twice as much.

Q:  What sort of table should I get as our first table?

A:  If it's your first table for the family, go for the lower end of the market and let your family beat the heck out of the ping-pong table while they are learning how to play.  If you & your kids grow to love the sport, then we have plenty of amazingly priced tables that you can upgrade to in a few years time.

Q:  What is the main difference between a cheap & a higher priced table?

A:  The higher the price the greater the quality….what this means is the higher priced tables have a) stronger legs b) thicker playing surfaces and c) additional features (like a frame that allows you to flip one end of the table into single player position or the storage position).

Q:  Are “outdoor” tables really water proof?

A:  Yes.  The playing surfaces are made out of aluminium, not high-density particle board.  They are typically painted with weatherproof paint as well, so they are designed to be left outdoors.

Q:  How useful is the single player playback feature?

A:  Very if the person using the table doesn’t always have someone to play against.  Its also a great way to train and improve your reaction time and skills generally.

Q:  Should the table I buy have rollers?

A: If you are going to be taking it up and down constantly, you will want something that is easy to setup, preferably a fold-up model that can be handled by one person, with rollers to allow you to move it without fuss.  In fact, even if you don’t think you’ll be moving it much, you might as well get one with rollers, because it will save your back come the time you do need to move it!


Pool Tables General

Q:  What size is a typical “pub” pool table?

A:  Most of the tables you would have played on are likely to have been 7’ x 3½'.  Regulation tables come in 3½' x 7', 4' x 8' and 4½ x 9', with play areas twice as long as they are wide (plus or minus ⅛") from the nose of the cushion to the nose of the opposite cushion.

Q:  What are the surfaces of your pool tables made of?

A:  High density particle board (or MDF).  We deliberately stock these tables to offer an affordable product to our customers.

Q:  Do all your pool tables require assembly?

A:  Yes.  We import them packaged in a box with the playing tops pre-assembled.  You only have to assemble the leg structures.

Q:  How many people will it take to assemble my pool table?

A:  You will ideally need 4 people mainly to help flip the table upside down to enable you to attach the legs and then flip it back into its upright position.  They weigh anything from 95 – 140kg so take this into consideration before lifting and be sure to bend your legs…we don’t want you hurting your back!


Action 7.5ft Air Hockey Table

Q: Is there any assembly required ?

A: Yes there is. Most of this table has to be put together, so it will take some time.

Q: Can I pay to have it assembled ?

A: Yes you can. We charge $10 assembly fee.

Q: Can I Try one out before I buy ?

A: Sure can. Visit our warehouse at Rear 9 Keegan St, O’Connor (Perth) WA between 12:30 & 3:30pm Saturdays, or call us on 08 92006057 to see when we’re going to be at the warehouse during the week


Bazoongi Trampolines

Q: How many people will it require to build the trampoline?

A: 2 adults is what we recommend.

Q: How long does it take to build?

A: 2 hours approximately.

Q: Can we deliver it?

A: Yes. $55 delivery for Perth Metro. Outer lying metro, country and interstate customers need to look at the quote provided in the checkout.

Q: Do we offer an assembly service?

A: Yes but at this stage only for Perth Metro customers.  Assembly costs $150.00.

Q: Does Funsports carry spareparts?

A: Yes, we offer full spare parts backup for Bazoongi trampolines.

Q: What is the difference between Bazoongi trampolines and other brands?

A: Compared to the cheap brands offered by major retail chains, the quality of the Bazoongi components is much higher (i.e. stronger, longer lasting & safer).  We could “spec down” our trampolines to enable us to sell the cheapest trampolines on the market, but in our opinion, it’s a waste of your money and it would compromise your child’s safety, which is definitely not what we’re about. Compared to trampolines of similar / higher prices, the main differences are a) Bazoongi trampolines are incredible value (i.e. lower cost but comparable quality) and b) the nets are a lot more durable.