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Crazy Catch Wild Child Double Trouble


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Quick Overview

Includes: * Both side have unpredictable ball return * Crazy catch level 2 vision ball * Crazy catch timer * Activity pack with scorecard * New Freestyle features * Throwing targets * Carry bag


If you play a variety of sports, then this will be the right product for you and your kids. Crazy Catch Wild Child Double Trouble assures double "insane" action. What does that mean? One side is design for unpredictable small ball return while the other side is for an unpredictable return for large balls like netball, basketball or soccer. The perfect training device for training camps, sporting clubs and schools, or a very cool piece of equipment that the whole household will enjoy all year round.


Note: Just to be clear, the main difference between the Wild Child Double Trouble and the Wild Child 2.0 is that the ball return on both sides of the Wild Child Double Trouble is erratic / unpredictable (or "insane").  The ball return on the Wild Child 2.0 is only "insane" on 1 side.

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