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Byk E500x16 Bike Green


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Weight: 11+ kg Frame: Butted Lightweight Alloy, Ergonomic Low Gravity Concept Design, CRM Forks Gears: SRAM X4 (2 x 8) Cassette Gears, Totally Integrated & Synchronized Gearing Wheels: Dynamic Advantage Tall Alloy Wheels, Reinforced 36-hole with Toughut Eyelits Tyres: Low Profile, Low Resistance Design with Tough Tubes Brakes: Alloy Front & Rear Calibrated V-Brakes Brake levers: Alloy, Adjustable Ergonomic Short Reach Saddle: Comfort XL Midi Deluxe Handlebars: Custom Width Low Rise Ergonomic V-bars Standard Extras: Safety Reflectors


E-500x16 Features Design: The lightweight Alloy frame is customised to reduce weight and improve handling. We have also fitted the strongest wheels we could find, with more spokes for strength - 36 per wheel, eyelit rims and excellent quality stainless steel spokes. We know it won't completely remove problems with buckled wheels, kids are kids after all, but this will save time for fix-ups! Another crucial ingredient to the clever design is the improved control and bump dampening ability of our CRM forks - giving a dramatic advantage in handling and comfort. Performance: On the E-500x16, we have gone for the best gear system possible. We use the direct pulling 1:1 SRAM gears, so every movement reflects the same movement in the derailer - so what you feel in the lever is exactly what is happening down in the back of the bike. Instead of the mainstream 3 x 7 gears readily available, we have chosen 1:1 SRAM 2 x 8 option gears. The 8 rear gear system has incredible range, suitable for all terrains, and giving the rider the best system when they need it the most. It is simpler and easier to use, less prone to misuse and is also lighter and lower maintenance Safety: The custom-sized V-Brakes we have used are calibrated for power and ergonomic fit. The innovative frame improves balance and control to help each rider operate at the safest level possible.

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