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Britz Phlat Ball


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Quick Overview


  • Phlat Ball V3
  • The original transforming disc-ball
  • Throw a disc...catch a ball!
  • Unique throw and catch toy that transforms from a 9" (22.9cm) flying disc to a 6" (15.2cm) diameter ball when thrown
  • Press top and bottom firmly together
  • Throw as a disc
  • Pops into a ball at random due to variable time-delay feature
  • Many Phlat Ball games to play including Phlat Potato, Phunky Monkey, Phun Tag and Ultimate Phlat Ball
  • Colours: Yellow, pink, green and black
  • Model: BMA 756
  • Britz'n Pieces


Britz Phlat Ball flat disc outdoor game equipment catch v3 Britz'n Pieces BMA756 It's Phlat Ball, the original transforming disc-ball. Kids will love and enjoy outdoors.

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