If you’ve never purchased a pool table before, deciding on the one that is right for you might be confusing. The models, brands and features are constantly changing, with each one suggesting that they are the best.

Regent 7 Pool Table

So, before you make your purchase, it is a good idea to step back and consider several basic points:

Who will be playing on your pool table?
Where will it be located?
Is it a long term investment, or are you after a basic table to use over the next few years?
How much do you want to spend?

Who is the pool table for?

If you are buying a pool or billiards table that is to be used by the public, sturdiness will be one of the features you will be identifying. If it is for professional play, then a high-end (expensive) model, often in a solid timber, will be right for you.

However, if yours is to be a family table – one that you can play on with your mates, or teach your kids to play on, then your requirements will be more modes. A table that has all the basics, but that is not so expensive that you’ll worry about it every time someone plays on it, will be your best choice.

Where will you put it?

Knowing where your pool table will be housed will influence its size and the materials of which it is constructed. You need to carefully measure your room to ensure that it will not just accommodate the table, but that it will also be comfortable for players to move around and take their shots.

Should you be keeping your pool table in an undercover, but outdoor location, for instance in a carport, you will need to be sure that its construction will be suitable for this.

An investment, or a fun piece?

If you are looking for a pool table for sale that would be at home in the games room of a multi-million dollar home, complete with cue racks, brass lighting, and perhaps a bar in the corner, then you will be looking at a major investment. Such high end tables cost tens of thousands of dollars and are usually of solid timber and slate construction.

Most families, however, are searching for a pool table to gather around with friends and family. In these situations, there are options of size and construction materials, and the accessories are often included in family packages.

Name your price…..

Having determined the size that you have for your table, and its intended use, you should consider how much you want to spend. Many people these days opt for a more reasonably priced pool table, and upgrade later should the expertise of family and friends warrant this.

A poor investment is spending loads of money on a high end pool table, only for the novelty to wear off after a few months.

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