We’ve recently witnessed Fremantle Football Club’s Nat Fyfe hold on to win the 2015 Brownlow Medal. So what made Fyfe the superstar player he is today? In a word, practice. Fyfe has been training like a professional long before he was one. When your child has fallen in love with their sport it’s fantastic to support them while keeping them grounded. Encourage them to practice like Nat Fyfe does, hours in the backyard perfecting their craft. Here are a few pieces of sporting equipment that will help your kids to train like a pro.

 Carromco Soccer Goal Shoot-Out Trainer

Bend It Like Beckham

Do you have a young soccer star at home no doubt they’ll be trying to 'bend it like Beckham'. If so, this is the training tool you child could us to perfect their penalty shot. Every young striker should have a Carromco Soccer Goal Shoot-Out Trainer in their backyard!

The cool thing about the Carromco Soccer Goal Shoot-Out Trainer is that if you miss one of the targets, the vertical fabric wall rebounds your soccer ball back to you! Keep on training.


orbit tennis originalFor The Little Federers

This one is an all time classic backyard game. Who remembers playing totem tennis for hours and hours? The tried and tested Orbit Tennis Original totem tennis set is fun for the whole family and a great gateway into tennis for young beginners. You can of course play a two-person match or you can use it as a one-person training tool.

For the aspiring tennis pros there is also the Tennis Trainer Ball & Base with its heavy base connected to a tennis ball via a long elastic chord. Perfect for practicing your game when no one else is around to play.



Crazy Catch Wild Child 2.0Do It Like The Don

Yes, Sir Don Bradman was known for his batting dominance, but every cricketer needs to be a professional fielder too. The Crazy Catch Wild Child 2.0 is a self-standing, sprung net that will rebound balls at erratic angles.

Throw the ball at the net and try your best to catch it as it rebounds at an ‘insane’ trajectory! The opposite side of the net stand rebounds larger balls at a predictable angle.


crazy catch wild child double troubleMark Like Fyfe

If you want to train for a variety of sports, then this might be the right product for you and your kids. Crazy Catch Wild Child Double Trouble delivers double ‘insane’ action. What does that mean? One side is designed for unpredictable small ball return while the other side is for an unpredictable return for large balls like a football, netball or basketball. The perfect training device for training camps, sporting clubs and schools, or a very cool piece of equipment that the whole household will enjoy all year round.

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