Funsports is proud to be a sponsor of Jasmine Pearson, a state 12 year old trampoline champion.  Jasmine is aiming to continue competing on the national circuit and as this isn't cheap, we've decided to lend a helping hand.  You can check out what's possible on a trampoline if you put your mind to it in the video below.  Here's what Jasmine has to say about our trampolines:

"My name’s Jasmine I been a part of the state trampolining team for 3 years now, I have a Bazoongi trampoline in my back garden. I love Bazoongi trampolines because they are great for all levels and ages, everyone in myfamily enjoys it, from myself to my 5 year old brother Barney. Bazoongi trampolines are also incredibly bouncy which helps me to do some of my more difficult skills and is a lot of fun just. As well as being great for all levels and very bouncy, Bazoongi trampolines are also a very safe option."

Well there you have it! Bazoongi's are best! They're also 10% off our already sharp import direct prices this month only.  Simply enter Jan2014Baz10 in the coupon code section of the checkout to receive your 10% off!