If you’re heading down to the local skate park you can expect to find a bunch of two-wheeled riders. Kick scooters, or push along scooters, are a serious wheel sports option and many kids have swapped skateboards for scooters. They can be a great ride for parents too! In this article we put two scooter models to the test for the Kids Off Couches community. 

code helmet blackAre You Satisfied It’s Safe

Being that KidsOffCouches is a forum for parents, we do need to mention scooter safety. Let’s state the obvious; kids can get injured if they tumble off their scooter. We don’t recommend avoiding wheel sports completely, rather you should educate you kids of the risks and ensure they wear the appropriate protective gear. The majority of skate park injuries requiring medical attention are to the wrists and forearms but a head injury should always be protected against. A good helmet is essential, wrist guards are advised and knee and elbow guards can be helpful for young beginners.


You Get What You Pay For

I hate when you pay top dollar for a product only to find its quality doesn’t match its price tag. In the competitive kick scooter market the old saying definitely holds true – a higher price demands super high quality, sturdy build. There are too many avid and active bloggers and commenters posting their reviews for any company to get away with delivering subpar scooters.


grit scooterThe GRIT Scooters Story

Grit Scooters are a premium scooter manufacturer and distributer putting high quality scooters in the hands of young Australians who are putting them to awe inspiring use. Grit is a brand created by the good people at ActiveOutThere. Dedicated to bringing innovative outdoor products to Australia and beyond, the company began with importing and wholesaling and is now manufacturing distributing and exporting high quality sporting products.

Watch this video of a super talented young Australian rider tearing up his local skate parks on Grit scooters. The Grit scooter we’ve tested is the Grit Tremor and it’s fantastic. Really strong, not too heavy, with high quality wheels and bearings. At $219 this is a serious scooter – one the pros are using (did you watch the video?!) – a scooter your kids will grow into not out of.


Introducing CRISP Scooters

Conceived from the idea of a premium quality scooter with great looks to match, the Crisp production team set about searching for the best materials and craftsmanship to make the ultimate in scooter riding a reality. After a lot of testing, trial and error Crisp unleashed its first premium scooter, The Ultima. The response was massive. Crisp scooter’s are now expanding and are starting to be sold around the world.


crisp dirt scooterCrisp Dirt Scooter

For those kids that need to break away from paved surfaces, leaving the skate park and heading off road, this scooter could be their ride. Crisp have taken everything they’ve learned in premium kick scooter production and packed it into a big rubber wheel model that can ride over any surface. If you don't live close to a skate park but are in no shortage of dirt tracks the Crisp Dirt Scooter is the ride your kids have been looking for. It’s very serious kit, at $299 this scooter is not cheap, but indestructible shouldn’t be either!


Crisp Riding Team

Crisp has assembled a team of scooter riders to stress test their products and spread the word. The UK and AUS teams feature some of the best up and coming riders going hard everyday and loving it. Check out this video of the Crisp Dirt Scooters in action.


Seriously Scooting

Here are our thoughts on two serious scooter models. Our summary, they’re worth the investment and stack up when it comes to quality. Do your kids ride scooters? Are they heading into the world of serious scooter riding? If so, what makes and models have passed their test? Add your voice to the conversation in the comments section.


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