clever kid

It’s official. The more physically active we help our kids be, the better they’ll do in the classroom. 

We all want our kids to do their best so they can achieve their dreams and lead happy lives – and now, a new report has shown that sport and fitness is a natural fast-track for getting your kids in shape, not just physically, but also mentally.

The positive link between childhood exercise and better performance at school has been well-established and now, a recent report only further validates the theory that both parents and teachers have known for some years – that kids need to be healthy and fit to reach their full potential.


The ‘brainy research’

The research is entitled ‘Brain Boost’ (something we could all probably use a bit of!) and is available via WA’s Department of Sport and Recreation. It was put together by the experts at the Centre for Sport and Recreation Research at Curtin University.

It shows that, as parents, we can learn that when exercise is regularly thrown into the mix, our kids will benefit from the following nifty, brainy benefits:

- Short bouts of exercise benefit executive control/function

- Greater vigorous physical activity out of school results in higher test scores

- The average academic achievement of children who received extra physical education is significantly higher than children who were in a control group which did not receive extra physical education

- Reading comprehension improves

- Physical activity intervention leads to significant improvements in children’s maths scores and motor skills

- Cognitive benefits are maintained over time


The long and the short of it

Basically, physical activity enhances cognitive function, improving memory, behaviour, concentration and academic achievement and who wouldn’t want that for their child?

And because healthy kids are happy kids, is just makes sense to teach them to enjoy the love of fitness and sports. Now that you have this official report to back you up when it comes to getting your kids to move more, how about coming up with some creative ways to exercise together? Anyone for kicking around the footy?

See the full report here.