Your Halex Express table tennis table requires NO TOOLS...

You just unfold the legs and put on the included deluxe net and you're ready to play. Nothing could be simpler or easier.

That's just ONE reason the Halex Express is our best selling table tennis table but there are plenty more including:


Great safe fun for the whole family

1. Great safe fun for the whole family

You can get fit while you're playing with your friends or with the kids. If you want to take it to another level table tennis is an olympic sport with clubs and professional leagues all over the world. Maybe you or one of your children will cover yourself in olympic glory one day.



Playback mode

2. You can practice by yourself (or with friends) in “playback” mode...

In just a few seconds without ANY tools you can put your Halex Express table tennis table into playback mode and practice your killer chop or swerving sidespin shots without a partner.

Or play with a partner in playback mode for a completely different mind bending experience.


Adjustable feet 

3. A perfectly level table on an uneven floor...

If the floor you put the table on is a little uneven you can adust the height of each leg without a tool...just spin the specially designed “rubber feet” at the bottom of each leg to get your table to perfect level height.

Foldable table tennis table

4. It's a rugged table that will handle what you can dish out...

The frame is made of 40mm x 19mm steel, the legs are 35mm x 35mm steel and the table surface is 15mm thick and robust. The whole table is designed to last so can enjoy playing on it for many years to come.

Easy to store and move

5. Your Halex Express is easy to pack away...

Your Halex express folds down quickly and simply to 2 pieces that have their own wheels! You just fold them and roll them. They're so light even both my children under 6 years old (Lachie and Zoe) have no trouble wheeling each half away.



Setup as dinner table

6. You can use it as a...table!

Just take off the net, add a tablecloth and you have one huge feasting table. You can use your table for parties, weddings and any other time you need a huge table (it's 9 feet by 5 feet).

Just put on a tablecloth and no one will know that they're eating on your table tennis table.

And it gets better...

Setup as half dinner table

7. You can also use your table as two smaller tables..

If you need more tables for a party each half of your Halex Express table tennis table can be used as a stand alone sturdy table. So you have two tables 4 1/2 feet by 5 feet you can use for parties, your next poker night or any other purpose you choose!

With your Halex Express you have a great table tennis table that's easy to set up, easy to move and store and you can use it as one or two regular tables as well.

Here's what you need to do to order your table...

You have 4 options:

1. You can simply click on the "add to cart" button above. You can pay at our secure online checkout using your credit card or PayPal.


2. Or you can call us on 1300-892-584 from anywhere in Australia and you'll talk to Mike, Declan or myself (Rob Giles).

We will happily answer any questions you have and you can order over the phone using your credit card or we'll give you details so you can make a direct deposit into our bank account.

3. Or you can contact us online to ask any questions.

4. Or visit our showroom and test drive the table yourself...

If you live in Perth you can visit our basement showroom 7 days a week underneath Toyworld Freemantle on the cornet of Queen Victoria and Parry Street. You can see for yourself how sturdy the table is, how easy it is to move, set up and pack away and how much fun it is to play on.

You'll be up and playing fast...

Immediately after you place your order it will be “flat packed” so it reaches you in perfect condition then you just open the package, unfold the legs, put on the included deluxe net and you're ready to play.

We ship all our orders within 48 hours and usually quicker.

Your table packed will weigh 78kgs and the carton will measure 1600×1450×110mm (5 ½ feet x 5 feet x 5 inches thick).


Feedback From Satisfied Customers Like You...

"The price was great, but I was really surprised with the quality. And the Funsports guys are refreshingly easy to deal with - my table arrived the very next day." Hamish, North Fremantle

"We are really happy with the table. Very well made and very easy to move around. The best part is I can still beat the kids...just! Would recommend your tables to anyone!" Paul Ballantyne, Mandurah