Thinking of fun ways for you and your little ones to stay active is easy in summer but poses more of a challenge when the weather is drab.


This winter, don’t let your days turn dull when there’s plenty of free options to keep you and your toddler active – all you need is to exercise your imagination a little bit.




Just because the skies are overcast and the kelvin has dropped below 15 degrees, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature’s beauty in winter. Here’s a few ideas for getting active and showing your child how to appreciate nature: 

- If it’s a windy day, you can fly a kite or chase leaves.
- Visit parks and gardens, streams and lakes or show your child what the beach looks like against a winter backdrop – all you need is your hat and coats.
- Jump in the puddles! Rug up in raincoats and wellies and have fun splashing around.
- Get some large umbrellas and show your child how to erect an outside tent in your backyard using old sheets – they’ll be delighted by making their own cosy cubby space.
- Gather sticks, stones and leaves from outside and bring them in to glue on paper and paint or draw around.


If the weather is too wild to venture outside, here’s some things you and your child can do in the safety and comfort of your own four walls:

- Build an inside fort out of chairs and blankets.
- Dance to fun music and play dress-ups.
- Put together a treasure hunt with clues on where to find the next clue at each stage.
- Make puppets out of socks and stage your own theatre production.
- Blow up some balloons and let you child see how high they can kick them into the air.



Sometimes, staying inside starts to create a bit of cabin fever. If you and your little ones need to get out for a while for some new stimulation, here are some fun winter activities that you can pay to do:

- Indoor sports centers such as ice-skating and roller rinks, swimming pools and ten-pin bowling make for an exciting day out.
- Joining a team to play a traditional winter sport such hockey, netball or football can be rewarding when your children are old enough.
- If you can afford it – a trip to a snow field would have to be the ultimate winter activity – tobogganing and seeing the fall snow are magical for children of all ages. 

If you have some other great ideas we'd love to hear them!