Are you looking at pool tables for sale? Then you should also be thinking about accessories. There’s no better place to entertain than in a fully decked out pool or games room that’s complete with all of the standard accessories (and then some).


If you plan on entertaining in your games room, then you need to get the right kind of seating in place. Overstuffed chairs and couches are a fantastic choice since they’re comfortable and cozy. But if you want your guests to be able to sneak a peak at the action on the pool table, consider grabbing a few spectator chairs. These are chairs with a raised seat that allows guests to view the table surface. A lot of these chairs come with cue stick rests and drink holders, and often have cushioned seats and back rests for comfort.


When looking at pool tables for sale, you’re likely already starting to dream of your fantasy billiard room. One thing that no billiard room is complete without is a billiard-style lamp. These table or hanging lamps are often of bright patterns and colors, and feature logos of colleges, billiard brands, or liquor producers. While some of these lamps can be somewhat expensive, you can often find a quality lamp, that may just need a bit of extra polishing, in a second hand store.


You can’t entertain your guests without offering them a drink! To really get that “billiard room” feel, you need to install some sort of a bar in the room. You may choose to invest in a full bar (or if you’re a craftsman, make one yourself), or you can choose from one of the several mini bar options available. A mini bar is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have the budget or the space for a full bar, but wants something a bit classier than having a mini fridge topped up with beer sitting in the corner of their garage or basement.

Additional Games

When you’re out looking at pool tables for sale, think about what other games tables you may want to add to the room. Air hockey is always one of the most popular choices (and you can find several games tables that convert into an air hockey table – several pool tables for sale double as an air hockey table, for instance), and table tennis and table soccer, or Foosball tables, are also always a big hit too.

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