Playing pool is a very popular pass-time for people of all ages, so its understandable that so many people would like to have a pool table of their very own. Unfortunately, the next thought after ‘I should get a pool table’ is often ‘but pool tables are so expensive!’ This does not have to be the case. A cheap pool table is easy to find, so anyone can learn pool, play with friends and family, and even teach it to others, all in the comfort of their own homes.

There are very few forms of entertainment that are as versatile as pool. There are literally dozens of ways to play, all with their own rules and strategies, so one can rarely master every aspect of it. A games room isn’t even necessary to play, though anyone who has a games room will often make a pool table a central part of it. Pool is a range of entertainment all on its own, and for those who fear the high price, finding a quality, yet cheap, pool table is not impossible.

All the Amenities

It’s easy to think that a cheap pool table comes at a low cost because it doesn’t come with all the things needed to play, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Even at a low price, FunSportsDirect offers tables that are beautifully made – with chrome pockets, and an automatic ball return. And it isn’t a game of pool without the balls and a pair of cue sticks – both of which come with the Regent 7’ Pool Table.

Those who know the game of pool know that it takes more than a table, balls, and sticks to play the game. What about a triangle to rack the balls before breaking? That’s also supplied. Even a brush to clean the table, a chalk for the end of the cue sticks! There isn’t any more anyone could want from a pool table purchase.

The Centerpiece of the Games Room

There is just something a pool table brings to a rec room that no other item can, and for the budget-conscious, a cheap pool table, when bought from the right people, is just as good as some of the more expensive varieties. Being able to practise at home on your own pool table, will help you to perfect your style so that you can ‘hold your own’ in a game down at the pub!

Discover just how inexpensive it can be to purchase a new, modern pool table in Perth at Funsports, located at Rear 9, Keegan St, O’Connor WA.  Funsports ship Australia wide at very competitive rates. If you’re based in Perth and you’d like to try out one of their tables, Funsports are open from 12:30 to 3:30 Saturdays or you can phone them to make an appointment on 08 92006057.