Competition grade table tennis tables


The first requirement for anyone thinking of buying a table tennis table is that it should be competition grade. The rules state that games should be played on a rectangular table, 2.74m long and 1.525m wide and 76cm above the floor.


Normally the thickness of tables used in big competitions is 25 mm. These tables can be quite expensive. The main factor here to keep in mind is that tables should not be at the risk of warping. As a general rule of thumb you may say that tables thicker than 20 mm will probably be a safe option.


Table tennis tables can be quite heavy therefore it should sit on a frame and have easy rolling wheels so that it can be rolled away, folded and stored when it is not in use. It stands to reason that an object of this size can take up quite a bit of space. Table tennis tables are normally manufactured from particle board.


The support of the table is important as well. The better and more even the support the better the bounce will be.


Some manufacturers of table tennis tables will tell you that it is important that the chassis of the table should have enough connecting points to keep it stable. This is particularly important if you have children because they might sometimes be a little rough when using it. The legs of the table should be thick and sturdy too.


Never place the table in a room with excessive moisture or heat. You do get tables that are encapsulated in aluminum and these are normally the ones that you may consider for outside use. Rain and sunshine will not work well with the normal wooden table.


Some tables offer you the ability to fold up one half so that you can practice against your self. If you need this to be the case then choose your table that will allow for it.


One way to make sure that you buy a table with the best surface is to make sure that there is no warping. Inspect the table with your eye at table height as you move around it. A long spirit level is also a very handy tool when determining whether the surface of the table is perfect. When you buy online ask your dealer to perform this little test before the table is shipped.


Many tables come complete with net or at least the necessary brackets and fittings for the net attached as part of your playing surface. This will make setting up the table tennis table that much easier.