What should you look for when choosing a table tennis bat?


If you are looking for a great, relaxing sport to play at home or on competitive level, table tennis is hard to beat. The equipment is very important. Players often wonder which bat or paddle is the best one to buy. We have some great bats to choose from in our online store.


Experienced players will say that you should choose your bat according to your level. Usually a lighter bat is recommended for beginners while experienced players may need more momentum and should go for a heavier one.


The amount of flex a bat has is also important. A more flexible bat will provide more spin. Beginners usually do not place a lot of emphasis on spin therefore it is quite acceptable to start with a less flexible bat.


Another factor is balance and this refers to whether the blade has its center of gravity closer to the handle or the tip. If you are a defensive player you may prefer the center of gravity closer to the handle while attacking players want it to be at the tip.


The head size of your table tennis bat is really not too much of a factor. The difference in air resistance is insignificant. A larger head will require more rubber covering than a smaller one and therefore increase the weight of the bat.


Another important factor is to get the feel of the handle before you buy your table tennis bat. If your backhand is strong, go for a bat with a straight handle as it provides a better backhand grip. The flared handle is often preferred by players with strong forehand play.


Many different kinds of handles have worked their way into the game over the years. The main aspect of the handle is that it should feel comfortable for your style of play.


The last and maybe the most important component is the rubber covering. Buy only from a place that will give you the best quality and make sure that the size is the correct one for your bat.


Take a look at some of the great products that we have in our online store. We cater for all different levels. If you feel you have now outgrown the beginner stage do not jump straight into the fastest blade that you can find. Becoming a great table tennis player is a process of moving through stages. You have to spend some time in the intermediate stage.