Pool is a big deal – not just Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., or even just the western world, but all over the world. Tournaments are played, with competitors representing dozens of countries – and for many of these contests, the prize money is very big indeed. Many believe pool to be a combination game, sport, and art. To some, those who are really passionate about it, it is a science and a way of life. One of the best things about the game of pool is that anyone can learn to play, and the first step is to look into buying pool tables. Perth has a superb online store for those who want to invest in their own cheap pool table.

Pool Table

Pool Basics

The pool table is a design with which most people are quite familiar. It has six pockets set into rails along the sides, so the balls don’t roll across the table. No matter which of the many variations of the game is played, what is always involved is getting the balls into the pockets using the long stick, most commonly called the cue.

A Purchase That Lasts a Lifetime

Whenever anyone invests in pool tables, Perth residents, or people anywhere in the world, they start down a path that offers literally years of enjoyment. Learning all the variations, discovering the many nuances of the pool table, how and where to hit the balls……. it is an ongoing journey.

When well cared-for, your pool table could last for decades, with the original buyer teaching the game to his/her children, their children, and all of their friends.

While some people, the professionals, play pool for a living, most play the game for the sheer fun of it. And having a pool table at home adds a new dimension to family fun and bonding. Owners of pool tables already know that having one creates a great reason to invite a group of friends over – for a BBQ and a night of games. A pool table can be the very centerpiece of a games or family room.

Perth Pool Tables

Perth has long been regarded as a family friendly and social city, with a population that is passionate about its sport and games, both indoor and outdoors. Returning from a day at the beach, sailing, the footy, or a day in the garden – nothing compares to having a little home time – and enjoying a game at your own pool table is the perfect wind-down.

Pool table Perth shoppers can find a great deal now at Funsports, located at Rear 9, Keegan St, O’Connor WA. Funsports ship Australia wide at very competitive rates. If you’re based in Perth and you’d like to try out one of their tables, Funsports are open from 12:30 to 3:30 Saturdays or you can phone them to make an appointment on 08 92006057.