The term “games room” is a pretty open concept, and it can encompass any number of ideas. There may be tables for card games, or some of those old stand-up arcade games. It might contain a more modern gaming console with a big screen TV for those epic tournaments. If there’s space, it could contain air hockey tables, table tennis tables, or even a pinball machine. But the must-have items for any classic games rooms are billiard tables.

A Great Finishing Touch to a Games Room

Billiard tables immediately add an air of elegance to any games room. That doesn’t mean that yours has to look like an antique, however. Modern tables do the same thing for modern games rooms, imparting a measure of class, even amidst electronic games and diversions. A pool table like the superb Regent 7’ Pool Table from FunSportsDirect, with chrome pockets and auto ball return would fit in just perfectly. With the purchase of this particular pool table you don’t even have to worry about all the extras that make for a game. Part of the price includes the cost of balls, a pair of cue sticks, chalk, a triangle, and even a brush for cleaning the table. It is the perfect package for a home games room.

High Quality for a Low Price

It is easy to be impressed by the quality and value-for-money of the Regent billiards table. Tables like these won’t just last a few years before becoming obsolete – a quality table can last for decades, allowing new generations learn this classic game. Those who are not really familiar with billiards or pool will find a billiards table a great addition to the games room, finding it not only easy to learn, but a great deal of fun. Those with experience with the game know that it is surprisingly deep, and they can develop techniques in the privacy of their own homes, honing their skills so they can look like a champ when playing with friends. Billiard tables are a classic component of any recreation space, and well worth the investment. They are easy to care for, and will become the very heart of any games room it occupies. More information about the modern, and well-priced Regent 7’ Pool Table can be found at Funsports. If you'd like to try the table out, visit their warehouse on the weekend - they're open from 12:30 to 3:30 every Saturday.