spring yard gamesThe Australian Spring has arrived and its dragging with it fine weather and BBQ opportunities galore! When the barbie’s fired up and a cold drink is in one hand, the other is free to sling a Frisbee or lob a bocce ball. Am I right? Spring yard games are in season and we have a bunch of cool games you can play with your kids – or just with your own friends. Read on for our list of 5 yard games to conquer this spring.


#5 Croquet

Croquet is a yard game that rolls back into popularity every couple of years but is always great fun at a picnic or on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Players use wooden mallets to hit their ball through hoops in the correct order. It’s a little like mini golf in your backyard or at the park.

Most croquet sets come in a carry bag, which makes it easy to pick up and take along to the next family picnic.


#4 Quoits

Yard games like quoits are gaining popularity as fun activities at outdoor parties and as pastimes in their own right. How many of us remember playing quoits for hours on end when we were kids?

Now you can introduce quoits to your own children and enjoy some active outdoor fun that’s actually pretty relaxing.


#3 Crazy Catch

This one will get the heart rate up a little more. Crazy Catch is a sprung net stretched over a frame against which a player throws a ball. The Crazy Catch net ricochets the ball back to the thrower at unpredictable angles making it great for slips practice. 

As summer weather creeps closer you can setup Crazy Catch by the pool’s edge and play a serious diving game of classic catches!


#2 Giant Chess

Just like what it sounds like. If you haven’t experienced giant chess before think chess pieces as high as your knee on a foldout chess board as big as a double garage. Players pick up pieces with both hands and carry them to their destination. You can feel like you’re really in the game.

There’s a whole range of giant games too. Giant Connect Four and Giant Jenga are a few other oversized games to look out for.


#1 Bocce

Always a family favourite, Bocce is a must-have yard game and a neat little kit to throw in the car before you head out to the park. Bocce is fun for all ages and skill levels; you can play it with the toddler grandchildren right through to the treasured grandparents.

So as the season of BBQs in the park sets in we’ll look forward to getting outside and active with these and other yard games. Tell us some of your favourites that didn’t make the list – we know there are lots! What is your standout yard game in spring 2015?


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