You may be playing on one of the many professional pool tables Perth, Australia has around or you may be shooting around in your own games room, but to make sure that everyone’s having a good time it’s important to follow a few simple pool etiquette rules. If you want to avoid arguments around the pool table next time you play, here are some basic rules that you should follow:

Keep your Place in Line

There can be long lineups for many of the pool tables Perth venues have to offer, so make sure that you keep your place in line and don’t either jump ahead or fall back. This same rule applies for when you’re playing at a table. You don’t want someone to jump in front of you and you don’t want to miss your turn. This can interrupt the whole outcome of the game and can frustrate both you and the other players.

Pay Attention

Somewhat of an add-on to the first point, make sure that you pay attention to the game. Nothing is more aggravating than having to chase down a pool player when it’s his or her turn to play.

Watch Your Coins

One of the most annoying habits that a lot of people have around pay-to-play billiard tables is placing their coins on the table just when someone’s shooting. This habit is distracting and can break a player’s concentration, which can either ruin their shot or force them to once again reassess and realign their shot. Having a player take even more time to take a shot means that everyone has to wait longer for their turn, so nobody’s happy.

Learn the Rules

All of the pool tables Perth has available may look the same, but each owner or establishment has their own set of rules that they expect all players to follow. Before you pick up that cue, make sure you read and understand the rules. This will help you avoid any problems later on when you’re in the middle of a game.

Keep Food and Drinks Off the Table

This is often a part of an establishment’s set of rules, but in case it’s not written down, here it is: keep your food and drinks off the table! Not only can this be incredibly distracting, but spilled food or drink can damage or completely ruin the cloth.

Who Calls the Game?

In almost every instance the winner will call the game. Before you start a game around one of the many pool tables Perth has to play on, make sure everyone’s clear on who’s going to make the call.

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