Getting kids off couches is not always an easy task. Often the greatest obstacle is today’s stimulating and addictive technology. It has become a daily dilemma for us parents, “should we ban our kids from using technology during the school week?” – or is that too extreme? Perhaps we could present a more appealing alternative! There’s loads of information dedicated to help parents in tackling this challenge; including our #kidsoffcouches community blog. However, most sports related activities suggested are outdoor related such as trampolines, ball sports, cycling and many others. 

Despite the effectiveness and benefits of outdoor sports in getting kids off couches, sometimes the weather just won’t play nice. When rain washes out your outdoor plans you need an indoor activity strategy. In this post, we present you with some interesting active indoor games for kids.


Exercise trampoline kids


Yes, trampolines! It is no secret that we love trampolines! One of our previous posts reviewed the risks and benefits of trampolines for our kids. Majority of parents would hear ‘trampoline’ and think of outdoor activity. Actually, there are heaps of indoor activities for trampolines. However, the equipment used is different from your outdoor models.

Indoor trampolines are relatively small in size and are generally used along with a workout routine. This type of trampoline is also known as the jogger trampoline. A video from Integrated Learning Strategies introduce 3 indoor trampoline workout routines for kids; in and out, back and forth, and the crossover. This workout routine was not only designed to get kids active but also to stimulate the two hemispheres of their brain; this is done by having kids think of a particular item while having a physical workout.


Dance Routine

There is no doubt that most kids love to move around; whether it’s rolling, jumping, running or climbing. Kids are able to achieve all these elements of fun through a dance routine. Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Latreal Mitchell, founded Fitness Bunch Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminate child obesity and get kids active. Her website contains an easy to follow dance routine video for kids. This is just one of the many routines available for kids.

Kid-friendly dance routines are used by many to encourage kids to be active. Popular kids channel, Disney Channel Junior, uses dance routines in most of its shows; one of which is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Disney’s Hot Dog Dance is highly popular with kids.


Kid Yoga

Kid Yoga is another alternative to get kids active. Yoga for kids is perfect for kids who do not enjoy active games and workout patterns. Sheknows came up with 9 Yoga poses that are fun and are good for your kids’ health. 

There are many other kid-friendly yoga poses available. Some benefits of getting kids to do Yoga are that it will improve kids’ flexibility, perfect posture, build muscle strength and many others.


Indoor Games

The last idea on how to get kids active indoors is to provide kids with a number of active indoor games. This would include having a kid-friendly foosball table, pool table, air hockey table plus many other ideas. There are many choices to how we, as parents, can get kids off couches and encourage them to be more active.

And in usual Kids Off Couches fashion, we want to hear from you! What are your go-to indoor activities that keep your kids active for hours? Have you invented any of your own? We’d love to hear about it – share with the hashtag #kidsoffcouches so we can follow your post. 


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