Quality air hockey tables


Air hockey is a game for two competing players trying to score points in the opposing player's goal played on a table with a special low friction playing surface.


The equipment used for this game is the table, a puck and two mallets, one for each player. Tables have machinery producing air which is blown onto the playing surface through small holes to reduce friction and allow play to take place on an air cushion. On our online store we have everything you need to make your air hockey playing experience a pleasant one.


Different types of air hockey tables are available on the market. You get the electronic arcade style table with its bells and whistles, suitable for use in clubs, arcades and restaurants, the basic table for home play, portable versions and then multi-game tables. The tables also come in different sizes.


The arcade style tables are durable and a good choice if you want to use your table a lot and get many years of play out of it. These tables however are not used in professional tournaments.


The basic design air hockey table is not as expensive and do not feature any flashing lights, sounds or electronic scoring. It can vary greatly in quality price and size. This is usually the ideal table for someone serious about the sport.


The tabletop air hockey surface comes with rubber feet that can be placed on a tabletop. It is ideal for rooms where space is a problem. The big advantage is that they are suitable for smaller children as they can be placed on a surface of any height or even on the floor.


The multi-game air hockey table gives users the opportunity to purchase one table on which they can play a variety of games such as shuffleboard, table tennis, bowling and also board games such as chess, checkers and backgammon. Before buying a table the customer should make sure that all the components are of good quality. It should be robust and strong so that you can get years of service out of it. Another aspect that is very important is that the air pressure should be even across the surface of the table.


Quality should also be the watchword when you consider the motor that will supply the air. A high output, quiet motor that will not overheat when using it for extended periods is the ideal option.


Look around our online store. You will find stunning value in air hockey tables as well as variety.