Scooters are a great way to help your children have fun, as they can ride and play games with their friends and the family. Actually, riding a scooter has 3 important benefits other than just being a fun thing to do:

  1. Exercise: With all the games kids play on their scooters, they can build up quite a sweat. And we all know that physical activity increases our heart rate which helps keep us fit and healthy – especially our children. And riding a scooter uses lots of different muscle groups in both our upper and lower body – which is great for our kid’s bodies. And they also learn balance as well – another bonus.
  2. Socialisation skills: Any activity that helps children collaborate and work together helps increase their communication and socialisation skills. They learn to work with others, how to understand their friend’s needs and how to interact when they win or lose.
  3. Decision-making skills: Children learn how to problem solve and how to make decisions that affect both themselves and others. They learn to think for themselves, how to think of others and how to look at a number of possible different outcomes to their actions.

But how do you chose the right scooter for your child?

Well here are a few tips that will make your decision much easier:

Beginners: If your child is new to scooters then starting with a Eurotrike Twist & Roll 3 wheel scooter is the best idea. These scooters have a leaning steering mechanism to keep your child safe and 3 wheels for additional balance. This gives your child time to improve their balance and learn how to ride their new scooter.

Intermediary: If your child has had their Twist & Roll for a while, then it’s time to upgrade to a Razor A 2 wheel Scooter. If you think your child is ready to progress to a 2-Wheeler then you have a number of choices, but the Razor A is a cost effective way introduce your child to 2 wheel scooting.

2-Wheelers: If you think your child is ready to progress to a 2-Wheeler or is now showing signs of wanting tho thrash their scooter to its limits at the local skate park, then you have a number of choices:

  • The Grit Extremist Freestyle Scooter is the scooter you buy your child when you know they are going to thrash it and you don’t want to spend a fortune and buy a high end scooter. It has great safety features with strong ABEC 7 bearings, a super coil spring break and comfortable grips.
  • The Grit Fluxx Freestyle Scooter is another option for intermediate level scooters who want to jump up to a 2-Wheeler.  It can handle heavier landings and being heavy duty it won’t fall apart with lots of use. It has super strong ABEC 9 bearings (the best) and comfortable grips for added safety.
  • The Grit Elite Freestyle Scooter is for heavy duty skate park work and is the next step up from the Fluxx Freestyle Scooter. It has a reduced deck height for more clearance on ramps (extra safety feature), welded decks, super strong ABEC 9 bearings, 6 slot alloy core wheels and can take up to 100kg in weight. This is a great scooter for adults as well – so grab one and join in the fun!
  • For those older teenagers and adults that want hard core skate park action, the top end models of the Grit range are where you want to be.  The Grit Mayhem or the top of the range Grit Invader offer amazing had core strength, quad clamps to hold the handlebars to the scooter, top end ABEC 9 bearings, over-engineered decks & handle bars in rad colours.
  • The Crisp Dirt Scooter is the one for off-road play. It has pneumatic tyres with alloy rims and is built tough so your kids can hit the dirt tracks safely.

Adult Scooters: Whilst Grit Elite Freestyle Scooter will take up to 100kg and are great for teens and adults – we have a range of special scooters just for adults.

  • Adrenelin's High Roller 200 Scooter is the best value for money adult scooter you can buy. You can even use it to commute short distances as well as having fun with your children.  With super large 200mm wheels with 80A hardness Adrenelin have ensured that the inevitable bumps in the road are rolled over with ease. 
  • The Crisp Dirt Scooter can also be ridden by adults looking to take it off road!

We have 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers, T-bar grips and fold aways, lean and steer actions, fat wheels, and adjustable joy sticks instead of T-bar grips – there are so many variations – just pick one and just have fun!

For more information on our huge range of kids and adult scooters call us on 1300 892 548 or complete our online enquiry form.