Key Features of a Quality Trampoline 

Bazoongi 9x14' Oval Trampoline

Our range of Bazoongi trampolines provide superb value for money as we purchase directly from our suppliers meaning we can cut out the middleman and associated costs. Not only are our trampolines great value for money, but they offer extreme durability and build quality. Our Bazoongi range of trampolines are inherently durable due to the double galvanised layer protecting the metal from rusting, perfect if you live near the coast where rain is more common than not.

The materials that are used in the production of our Bazoongi trampolines are extensively tested. The fabrics undergo nearly 5000 hours of Australian equivalent UV testing before entering the factory, therefore ensuring that the safety nets will typically last in excess of 4 years, compared to the cheaper trampoline nets that barely last 6 months.  

Our Bazoongi trampolines offer you peace at mind knowing your children are enjoying themselves in a safe environment. Our Bazoongi trampolines have a variety of safety features such as enclosures that join the jump mat inside the springs (meaning your kids can't bounce onto the springs and suffer a nasty injury) and T-connectors joining the frame and trampoline legs to stop the frame from bending under strain and pressure. 

The Bazoongi trampoline range have patented "G3" fibre glass pole technology to keep the top of the net strong and taught. In addition to this, the Bazoongi trampolines are constructed from incredibly heavy duty 100% Polypropylene jump mats that can withstand intense heat and are substantially thicker compared to traditional jump mats, offering more protection. Furthermore, our range of Bazoongi trampolines are over and under sprung to offer the maximum bounce possible without putting too much strain onto the frame and legs.

The great thing is, is that we stock a wide variety of sizes that will fit nearly every garden and with varying price tags you can be sure to get the best deal possible.  So if you're looking for a quality, safe and durable trampoline for sale, then you can't go past our Bazoongi trampolines for value.  To visit our range click here