Jasmine Pearson WA Female Youth Trampoline State Champion Trophy

So I am officially the WA Female Youth Trampoline State Champion after winning States a couple of weeks ago and I’m gearing up for Nationals. State Training this weekend, we get our team uniforms, and have to pose for photos (after training when we are all sweaty and my hair will look like a mouse nest, not before...why?). Looking forward to meeting the rest of the team, although I am guessing that I will already know most of them from previous years.

Since qualifying for Nationals I have learnt some new skills and combinations, a Half Out (double front somersault with a half twist) and am beginning to learn Half in Half Out (a half twist, double front somersault and another half twist). I am trying hard to incorporate them into my routine which now has 4 double skills out of 10, so I can get my DD up. DD is the Degree of Difficulty that adds on to our score. I need a high DD if I am going to have any chance of placing in the Youth category. I could have competed Under 15s this yearas i am still 13...hope I don’t regret going up to the next and more elite stream as competition will be fierce in Melbourne. 

After Melbourne I am heading straight to Canberra where I will spend 3 intensive days training at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) with my coach Leo. I am the only girl from WA who has been selected for this so the pressure is on! I hope I’m good enough....

I fell right off the tramp at training last week, I miss timed a skill and landed on my knees. I have some very colourful bruises to show for it but I got straight back on and carried on training. This week has been tough, we had the school Lightning Carnival, 8 games of soccer and then straight to training, home, bed and then up at 5am to catch the 5.22am train to...you guessed it...more trampoline training! My Dad can be quite hard to wake up in the mornings but he’s getting used to it now, I’m very happy he drives me to the station and doesn't make me cycle although he’s always threatening...

Better sign off now, I am going to see my sister Georgia in a dance show tonight, it will be nice to put my feet up and watch someone else working hard for once! Until next time....Jasmine

Jasmine has a 9x14' Bazoongi trampoline in her back yard.  Funsports now has a premium version of the Bazoongi in stock, called Jetjump which come in 8ft, 10ft & 12ft round or 9x14ft oval!