Thursday 2nd   June 12.00pm

After 3 days of eating, resting and training in Melbourne and I am finally feeling ready for my competition this afternoon. I am currently sitting up in my shared apartment under strict instructions to “take it easy”, this is easier said than done with less than 4 hours until I compete. At 4pm I will hop on a bus, with the rest of the Western Australian International Trampoline Team, which will take us from our apartments to the (very) bright lights of Hisense Arena.  This is my first year in the Junior International, a category of girls aged 14-18 years old who are hoping to qualify for one the Indo Pacific Championships (known among the athletes as “Indos”).  I’m beginning to feel nervous knowing that I’m one of the youngest athletes in my category.


Throughout the week I’ve been to two “Podium Training” sessions. Podium training is just training held at the arena on the competition trampolines. These sessions allow you to choose which of the two provided trampolines you want to bounce on and to meet the other athletes from other states. I chatted with some of the best trampolinists in the world who mostly seemed very nice and friendly. I have the trampoline closest to the judges to compete on as it feels the most like the ones at my club back home.


My goals for tonight are:


1)   Complete two, well executed routines

2)   To have a Time Of Flight of 15.5 or higher

3)   To be proud of my efforts


Four hours until I compete!



Thursday 2nd  June 10.00pm

Just arrived back from a long and slightly disappointing competition.

I had arrived at the arena, warmed up, stretched and stayed focused. There are 28 girls in my category so we were divided up into 3 “flights” (heats). I was in the 3rd flight, 3rd to last compete. The large screens showed my face as a walked to the trampoline and the announcer called out my name and state. The judges stared blankly at me and I felt nervous but confident, I have trained hard and done everything right I was thinking. My routine was so-so. It was high and neatish but my balance and timing were just slightly off. In this sport that’s all it takes to fall. We call this “bombing off” meaning to land on the fly-away (the mats surrounding the trampoline). Bombing off gets you some significant deductions meaning that I did not finish up well overall or make finals (top 8).


I am disappointed with my performance tonight but I still have two events before I fly home. I am focusing my energy into staying positive and doing my best in Team Final and Synchro.

Friday 3rd June 9.00pm

Spent most of today cheering on and watching my friends compete. I am now wrapped up in my apartment hearing the details of my roommates’ drug test. ASADA (the anti-doping department) are always present at Nationals and supposedly run random drug tests on athletes to try to catch and minimise performance-enhancing drugs. Every year we attend a compulsory lecture where we are warned and told cautionary tales of drug tests and life bans but until today I had never heard of anyone actually being tested. My roommate is a very experienced athlete who has been to countless international competitions without being tested. Today she was beckoned over by two ASADA officials immediately after she finished competing and told that she had been selected for a random drug test.  When my roommate arrived at the apartment we were all keen to hear the details!


Saturday 4th June

I am sitting in my apartment still ringing with excitement and nerves hold my silver medal. Today was the team final which is the last event of the competition. In a team final the top four female and male athletes from each state all compete one routine each, the scores are then averaged and the state with the highest average wins. Western Australia had Sarah Jones, Jasmine Pearson, Naomi Ding and Evie Keirath. Naomi and Evie are senior athletes who placed first and second in the individual competition while Sarah and I are juniors. I am very happy with the routine that I competed loved the team spirit of the experience. So I was delighted when we finished up second to New South Wales! I am going home with a medal after all!