So the ultimate decision has been made – you are going to create a games room in your home for everyone to use. A place to hang out with all your friends and spend some serious quality time having fun. And you and your family can just chill out there on weekends.

But where do you start? And how are you going to furnish it? Well if you follow these steps you can design your own games room, drama free in just 30 minutes. The secret is in making all the decisions first in less than 30 minutes – and then implementing these decisions!

  1. Select the room: Is it going to be inside the house or in the garage? If you have chosen the garage then are you converting the garage to a games room or hoping to park the cars in there as well?

You need to think about this because the whole point of a games room is to have the gaming equipment set up and ready for use at all times. It’s no fun having to move the car or furniture and then set up the tables before you start to play. So decide whether you are having a dedicated games room, inside or outside the house … or just a ‘move everything out of the way and hope it works’ room.

  1. Select your games: If you want a pool table, you need to know the size of the table and the minimum amount of room - so you can take that awe inspiring shot with ease. A rough guide for a 2.13m table (old style 7-foot) and a 1.22m cue (4 foot) is a room size of 3.51m x 4.42m (11.5 foot x 14.5 foot). Obviously the larger the table and the longer the cue, the larger the space required around the table.

Now not everyone has a room large enough to take multiple games tables – a pool table, football table and ice hockey table for example. At least they don’t have one big enough to keep these tables set up and ready to play all the time. So you may have to buy some games tables that fold up and store away easily – such as table tennis and football tables.

If the room has enough space you can even add a dart board. You need to hang the bullseye 1.72m (5 foot 8 inches) above the floor and 2.93m (9 feet 6 inches) from the throwing line.  So you need at least 3.66m (12 feet) of space to feel comfortable and safe using a dartboard. I guess if you lack the room for a dartboard you can always stand in the corridor and throw!

And let’s not forget the needs of smaller children that may be using the games room, and depending on their age, select games appropriate for their interests. On that last thought – you might want to include an area where the kids can play their video games as well.

  1. Furniture: This depends on your style and can just a few bean bags dotted around the floor to a timber panelled Wild West theme or an awesome sports design to make your mates drool with envy! Just make sure that there is enough seating for your needs – and seating that can be moved around as needed is a great idea.

Also think of the number and positioning of electrical outlets you need in the room and about the lighting as well. Make sure you have enough power sockets and overhead or task lighting so you can see where the darts are thrown and everyone can see you hitting that winning shot!

Do you need a score board? A bar? And what about a TV? If the room is big enough you can use it as a media and a games room. You can even have tables set up for board game enthusiasts.

So the key to designing your games room is to make all these decisions ahead of time. Then you can actually put the room together at your leisure. And as the Romans used to say – Let the games begin!