Well foremost you want a scooter that can stand up to some heavy work, because kids are not easy on their scooters. Pro scooters are built to withstand a lot of punishment, because kids do lots of tricks, jumps and stunts on their scooters.

The more expensive the scooter, the more robust and stronger the scooter and the more able it is to take all the punishment given to it by kids. So here are a few features to look out for when you are shopping for a new scooter.

  • Wheels: The better quality and more robust scooters have solid metal cores to withstand extreme pressure.
  • Frames: These will be stronger, but lighter as you move up the price range of scooters and 3.3kg-3.4kg is an ideal weight for a top quality scooter.
  • Welds: The top quality scooters have strong welds on the deck and stem, as they need to be robust enough to take all the knocks from sports crazy kids.
  • Bearings: The greater the ABEC number of the bearings, the greater the precision. Many cheap, low quality scooters do not even have an ABEC rating. So look for scooters with an ABEC score of 7 or above. That way you know you have tough and highly precision loading bearings.
  • Compression: Threaded compression is great for beginners, but for the more experienced or pro scooter rider you want a hidden internal compression system (HIC) – which are seen on the higher end scooters. Make sure the scooter also has solid alloy, double clamps for extra strength.
  • Handlebars: The more top quality scooters have strong metal, fixed piece handlebars which provide greater strength and durability.

At Funsports, we have a great range of high end, skate park scooters. Our most popular models are the GRIT Extremist, GRIT Fluxx, GRIT Elite and GRIT Tremor.

The Extremist is a strong and robust beginner’s scooter, the Fluxx is more for beginners to intermediates, and the Elite and Tremor are suited to intermediate to advanced riders. 

So check out our top quality pro scooters before we run out of stock!