So if you are all out of ideas or are ready to buy dad some new socks or aftershave, why not think outside the box and give him a gift he will really love? Most dads like sports and look forward to being outside with their kids, hooning around together.

In fact, any sort of sports will usually get dads off the couch and outdoors. So here are a few fabulous ideas that will put a smile on every dad’s face.

Games room gifts

Why not buy dad a gift that everyone in the family can join in with and have some fun? If you have the space, think of a table tennis table and even if you are short on space, we have one that folds up out of the way. Maybe a pool table or how about an air hockey or a football table? You could even nail a dart board to the wall and dad will be one happy chap.


The kids have a scooter, so why not dad? Think of all the exercise dad will get whizzing around the neighbourhood with the kids on their scooters. Don’t worry, we have special adult size scooters that make this the best Father’s day gift ever.


Have the kids been begging for a trampoline? Well, why not make everyone happy and buy one for dad on Father’s Day? We have lots of different styles to choose from and they easily take adult weights.

Yard games

Take dad back to his childhood with these fabulous old world yard games. This is one great way to get the kids out from in front of the computer and have some serious family fun in the backyard. Pick the Quoit set, the bocce set, croquet, orbit tennis or Frisbees. This is old style fun at its best!

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