Getting kids to appreciate exercise has to be a priority in the home. It's said kids should engage in 1 to 1 1/2 hours of moderate physical activity every day. It's key to maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring the child will go on to wanting a healthy lifestyle.  In other words, it's the perfect way to establish healthy active habbits in your child from a young age.

Getting kids to exercise isn't the easiest thing. They don't see its purpose. Of course, the best way to get kids to do anything is to make it fun. Due to the great weather in Perth, trampolines are a great option...... A source of both entertainment and exercise, the physical and mental benefits to utilising one are endless.

It's a low stress and low impact workout. Using one for 10 to 20 minutes a day is the equivalent of a half hour jog. There is no strain on joints since the trampoline mat absorbs impact. As an aerobic activity, trampolines support toning, balance, coordination and good posture. Repeated use strengthens and builds muscle and bone.

If utilised appropriately, the trampoline is one of the safest sports equipment. Safety precautions and rules should always be adhered to and younger children should never be left unattended. In fact, they should exercise only on models suitable for their size and age.  Ask the crew at Funsports to help you choose the appropriate size (check out the range of safe Bazoongi trampolines here. Either employ safety pads or use a model with proper safety pads that cover springs, hooks and frame.

Our Bazoongi trampolines have pads that completely cover the springs

There should never be more than one person engaging at a time. Somersaults and flips should not be attempted unless our child has undergone specialised coaching. Children should never bounce off the trampoline. The best way to exit is walk to the edge, sit and slide off. Young children should understand not to use the trampoline without the presence of an adult. To ensure they do not, any ladder or implement that can be utilised to climb on should be removed after use. No one should ever use a wet trampoline.

Trampolines come in all sizes and with accessories like safety nets. Make sure you only buy a trampline which has a net that joins the jump mat inside the springs (like our Bazoongi trampolines).  

Note net joins jump mat inside the springs

You can make your trampoline a family activity - families all over Australia have been doing so for years. Everyone could benefit from the rejuvenating body and mind components. The workouts, also known as rebounding, stimulate the metabolism, increase oxygen capacity and strengthen the heart. And you'll have a great time with the product!