Forget Computer Games...Backyard Games are Fun!


Computer games have become very much part of our lives and even young children spend every minute of their free time staring at a computer screen. This form of entertainment can be fun but being lost in the world of computer games is a lonely business. Contact with family and friends is a way of developing social skills and that can be done effectively through play in the backyard.


There are several games that allow you to spend some quality time as a family or with friends outdoors. Competition is fun at any age. Everyone wants to participate and everyone wants to win. With a bit of thinking you can set up just the right game in the backyard.


The entertainment you choose will depend on how active you want the players to be. Young kids are usually small packages of energy. For them it is run, run all the time. We are not all lucky enough to have a tennis court or even the space for one on our property. Badminton is a good way to run and hit off excessive energy.  All you need is badminton net, racquets and a shuttlecock.


The more energetic adults in the family can also have great fun with badminton. The good thing about this game is that you can hit as hard as you want without having to retrieve the ball in the neighbour’s garden.


A game that does not require quite as much energy is Bocce. This sport looks very much like lawn bowls at first glance but you don’t need an immaculate lawn surface. Bocce is usually played on sand or asphalt, making it ideal as a backyard pastime. It is an exciting test of skill played with plastic or metal balls.


Quoits is a game in which plastic, rubber or metal rings are thrown, usually with the intention of landing them over or near a spike that has been placed in the ground. It can be fun for players of all ages.


Other great ideas are setting up soccer net against the back fence or engaging in a game of orbit tennis or table tennis.


When family and friends get together memorable moments are often made through friendly competition. It certainly beats standing around talking about the same issues that you have discussed many times before. Games add a new dimension to social interaction. Everyone feels part of the group, even the introverts. The good news is that you do not have go down to the local bowling alley. You can have all the active fun you need right there in your backyard.