Table soccer, or foosball, is very much like playing a game of soccer with eight rods holding figures shaped like football players and a ball that you try to 'kick' and score in the opponent’s goal.  It is generally played in 2, but sometimes in 4, and each team has four rods with a row of players to control.


Many single guys are turning spare rooms in their pads into a games’ room. When a family has extra space in the house, the most common thing to do with that space is to create an area for everyone in the house to enjoy - once again a games room is often what a apre room is converted in to.  If you’re planning to create a games room in your home, then you must include a foosball table as part of your essential equipment.  Without table soccer, you will always feel like something is missing from your perfect games’ room.


Most people are introduced to foosball at a very young age. Most boys and girls clubs, camping grounds and kids social clubs etc have a games room, featuring at least one foosball table for the children to enjoy.


The game requires a certain level of skill and a lot of touch. It also requires perfect timing to know when to unleash a powerful shot towards the opponent’s goal. Foosball is the kind of game that people can play for hours, from kids through to adults, even the grandparents can join in!


You can go to your local sporting store and try to settle on a table from their limited inventory, or you can buy a quality, durable table from Fun Sports’ significantly wider selection and at almost factory direct prices Our featured foosball tables include Carromco Tucana XT for the budget conscious at only $149.99, through to our popular Euro Stadium ($399.99) or be the envy of all your friends with the Club Deluxe ($699.99).


The great thing about these kinds of tables is that they are light and easy to assemble.  Because of their light weight, they can also be moved around easily when you decide it’s time to rearrange your games room. Two people can easily lift and move a foosball table to any part of the room, which is something much harder to do with a pool or billiards table.


Foosball can be great, addictive fun and can help you and your family spend a tone of quality time together.  It would be the only game you will need to keep everyone entertained for hours, but if you decide to extend your games room, check out more great ideas from our selection of table tennis, air hockey and pool tables at  Funsports has the largest range of flat packed foosballtables in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.