The 7 Most Important Things to look out for when Buying a Trampoline that we believe you should be aware of are:

 1. Make sure the protective enclosure joins the jump mat inside the springs:


Cheap trampolines have enclosures (commonly referred to as the ‘net’) that run down the net pole to the outside of the trampoline frame.  You’re better off buying a trampoline which has a net that keeps your child completely away from the springs altogether.

Its also important to note that there is definitely a correlation between net quality and whether it joins the jump mat inside the springs.  What do we mean?  Well, the trampolines on the market that do not have the protective net joining the jump mat inside the springs are typically your cheaper and hence poorer quality designs.

Funsports Jetjump Combo Round trampoline 

2. Make sure the fabrics used in your trampoline are stringently tested to withstand Australian UV conditions. 

Funsports’ Bazoongi trampolines have some of the highest material testing criteria on the market and hence their nets are some of the longest lasting that money can buy.   Here's what's invovled in the testing process:

A sample is taken from each roll of fabric before it enters the factory.  That 1 sample is then placed in a purpose built UV simulator that reproduces an Australian UV environment for an equivalent of 500 hours of sunlight.  If that sample does not have at least 80% of its original breaking strength, the roll does not enter the factory.

This process is repeated 10 TIMES on the SAME SAMPLE.  If at any stage that sample breaks, the roll of fabric does not enter the factory.  Hence the fabrics on your Funsports trampoline have undergone 5,000 HOURS of testing!

3. Look for a trampoline that has an Over and Under Spring Design.  This serves 2 purposes:

1) It equalizes frame torque and provides a better bounce, and

2) It makes for a bouncier trampoline.

4. Be sure that your trampoline frame is made from fully galvanized steel (inside and out = Maximum rust protection).


5. You’ll find it a lot less hassle to have a trampoline that has no painful U-bolt clamps to continually tighten to keep the net poles in place (check out the simplistic but effective sleeve mechanism in our trampolines instead – much smarter).

6. A well made sprung trampoline should have “T-Connectors” at the intersection of the mat frame and the legs to stop the frame from warping and to reduce stress on the welds of the legs.

7. The final feature that we recommend you seek out in your next trampoline is “W” Shaped Legs.  This simply adds a significant amount of strength to the leg structure and hence adds to the overall safety of your trampoline



Well there you have it!  We hope that this article has been of assistance and of course, if you have any further questions you can go to our FAQ’s section or give us a call on 1300-892-548, we’re here to help.


Note that we do 2 ranges of trampolines that adhere to the above principals:

1) Bazoongi - our more affordable range, and

2) Jetjump - our deluxe range, with up-graded soft components and warranty.