Grand Final Day is an unofficial public holiday in Australia and is a great day to get friends and family together to enjoy the match, even if your team didn’t make it.

We’re sure you’ll be planning some great food and drinks, but have you thought about activities for the kids to enjoy on the day too?

You’ll find some kids are going to want to watch the game with the adults, while others will need something else to prevent that inevitable boredom and those tiresome complaints.

No matter what your child likes, you can make the Grand Final an exciting day for all!

  • Make use of the quarter time and half time breaks! Get inspired, get outside and kick the footy around. 
  • Get in the spirit and dress up in team colours. Create an atmosphere of excitment by dressing up for your team. Get out the coloured hair spray and face paints! This sure to be a hit with those who don’t usually like the footy.
  • Teach the rules of the game. Sometimes umpire decisions can be frustrating, so help your child understand the rules.
  • Teach sportsmanship. This is an important life lesson for us all! We should all know how to lose gracefully and to not take it out on others.
  • Play some footy after the game. Head down to the local park and kick the ball around. If you’ve got enough people, why not play a match or get a game of King of the pack happening?

The AFL Grand Final is the perfect day to socialise with your family, friends and kids. The atmosphere is always bursting with the anticipation and excitement of the match. Involving the kids is a great way to introduce them to the sporting community.