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About Us


Hey there! You’re checking out this page because you want to find out more about the people and philosophy behind Australia’s leading online recreation store – Funsports. Either that or you’re lost. But hey, since you’re here, why not stick around and find out a bit more about us.


What is Funsports?


Funsports is just that, in a nutshell. Fun and sports. We’re Australia’s best-value online resource for your trampolines, soccer tables, table tennis tables and more. If you’re looking for fun, active entertainment for your backyard, rec-room or man cave, you can sure to find it at Funsports.


At Funsports, we’re all about having fun, connecting with friends and family, and staying safe. We’re huge advocates of social recreation for health, fitness and general well-being, and it’s our mission to equip every home and office in Australia with the best-quality equipment at affordable prices…the Funsports philosophy is pretty simple really….Be Active, Have Fun, Kids Off Couches!

Meet the Parents

Don’t worry, you don’t need to put a ring on it. ‘The Parents’ is us, Rob and Belinda Giles. After running a bricks and mortar store for over 5 years in the leafy suburbs of Perth, WA, we wanted to find a way to get more kids into active recreation, you know 'get them off the couch'. With 3 little darlings of our own, we know first-hand how important it is to keep kids entertained and sufficiently worn out to sleep through the night! We’re huge advocates of the health benefits of an active lifestyle (not to mention the psychological and developmental benefits), and Funsports is our way of getting the word out there, and getting great-value sports and recreation equipment into homes around the country.

Our Philosophy

Take out the middle man.

Why pay more? Our well-stocked warehouse is chockas full of all the top brands sourced directly from the factory. This means less money out of your pocket for a top-quality product. If you’re keen to try before you buy, our Perth showroom is open 7 days a week. For those further afield, our generous Refunds & Returns policy has you covered, so there’s no need to stress. Just relax, have fun, and enjoy your brand new toy! It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


Active kids are happy kids

The statistics regarding child obeiscety levels in Australia are alarming and as parents,  we are extremely passionate about getting kids off couches.  This doesn't mean we expect our youngsters to be pro-level superstars, quite the contrary.  We simply want to make sport fun, something they look forward to, a chance to feel better about themselves, regardless of natural ability or skill level.  We’re huge fans of Maggie Dent, a well-known Australian author, educator and parenting specialist. Maggie advocates for letting kids learn and have fun without wrapping them in cotton wool.  

We couldn’t agree more.

Falling off a bike is a rite of passage, and did you know that the cerebellum (the part of the brain responsible for motor control) is stimulated by tumbling, rolling, balancing and spinning? Jumping, running and scooting around on a sweet set of wheels is part and parcel of being a kid. And who are we to deny them? Let your kids experience the kind of freedom that we did through the best-quality recreational toys. With a new generation of safety features, you can be sure your kids are exposed to minimum risk and maximum fun!


What now? 

Don’t be shy. Have a look around and give something new a go. We’ve got everything you’re looking for (and things you didn’t even know exist) to entertain and impress your friends and family. Start your adventure here.